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The App - Your Comprehensive Companion

Play smarter and better with in-game and real-time support

Your Hero

Coaching and valuable tips on how to play your hero. You will receive tips through audio and text.

Enemy Heroes

Coaching on how to play against your enemies. The app will recommend counter items against each enemy hero.


Overall win rate as well as win rate of most played heroes for players with public profiles after the hero selection phase, including detection of smurfs. The app also shows you the player's item purchases during his last games. Additionally, you will also see with whom you recently played.


Visual timers for bounty, water and power runes and notifications shortly before they spawn.

Buybacks & Ultimates

Enemy hero buybacks and ultimates are difficult to keep track of. The app provides an easy way to manage them.

Glyph of Fortification

Timer for when your enemies used Glyph. You will get informed when they can use it again.

Pulling & Stacking

Get short notifications when it's time to pull and stack.

Catapults & Flagbearer Creeps

Notifications when creep waves with catapults and flagbearer creeps spawn. The app will also inform you about the availability of neutral items and other important events during the game.


Convenient management of Roshan and Aegis timings. The app will notify you when Aegis expires and when Roshan respawns.

Performance and Item Trackers

Track your performance during the game in real-time. See KDA, CS, GPM, XPM, APM and item build compared to peers and your previous matches. This feature extends Dota 2's performance tracker.

Post-Match Analytics

See how you performed in games you played with the app. You can compare your performance with peers, yourself and professional players from the Dota Pro Circuit.


Left-click on active timers and text messages to share them with your team through Dota 2.