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Medal Tips

Skills for solid Herald play
  • Understand the basics of your role
  • Become familiar with spell and item builds of your favorite heroes
  • Keep lanes pushed out
  • Always carry a TP with you
  • Be careful when pushing highground
Skills for Guardian
  • Understand the powerspikes and how to take fights with your hero
  • Setup your keybinds well
  • Become good at shopping and Courier usage
  • Manage your HP and Mana well to be in fighting shape as often as you can
  • Avoid diving and overextending
Skills for Crusader
  • Look at the minimap and clock as frequently as you can
  • Prioritize defending midlane T1 tower
  • Make stacks
  • Fight under your vision
  • Save gold for Buyback in mid to lategame
Skills for Archon
  • Communicate clearly with your laning partner
  • Regularly click on other heroes
  • Play around catapult waves
  • Block off opponents camps with sentries in early to midgame
  • Use Smoke to make moves on the opponents' side
Skills for Legend
  • Control runes for your Midlaner in laning stage
  • In midgame, create space for your Carry
  • Don't push T2 towers before 17-18 min
  • Read fights well. Learn who to target, kill supports first. Be ready to disengage, kite or re-engage.
Skills for Ancient
  • Refill your Midlaner's Bottle during the laning stage
  • Minimize teleporting to lanes in mid to lategame
  • Create conditions for your carry to join some fights around 10-20 min
  • Take first Roshan between the 15-25 min
  • Protect your supports in fights
Skills for Divine
  • Contest opponents' triangle in early to midgame
  • Take down T1 safelane tower early to create space for your Carry
  • Buy all Sentries and smokes by 20 min
  • Control Power Runes in mid to lategame
  • Consider a Gem in mid to lategame to dominate the vision game
Skills for Immortal
  • Track opponents' TP usage
  • Improve shot calling, don't be afraid to speak out
  • Control the enemy jungle by playing in it and warding it
  • Read opponents' movements well and make quick moves
  • Track the timings of Aegis, Roshan, Ultimate, Buyback and Glyph