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Aetherial Hammer

Aetherial Hammer
Gold is the currency used to buy items or instantly revive your hero in Dota 2.5900

An enchanted hammer forged of metals discovered in the ruins of a village destroyed by a great star storm.


Active: Aetherial Hammer

CHANNELED - After a successful channel, summons a meteor that strikes a 400 AoE, stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds and dealing impact damage. Continues to deal damage over time to enemies units and buildings for 6 seconds. Non-building units are also slowed for 20% for the duration of the burn.
Building Impact Damage: 95
Building Over Time Damage: 60
Non-Building Impact Damage: 150
Non-Building Over Time Damage: 60
Channel Duration: 1.5 seconds.
Landing Time: .5 seconds.

Mana: 100

Cooldown: 24


Increases targeted spell and item Area of Effect by undefined.