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Samurai Tabi

Samurai Tabi
Gold is the currency used to buy items or instantly revive your hero in Dota 2.5250


Active: Switch Attribute

Switches between an additional +<value>24</value> <font_ff0000>Strength</font_ff0000>, +<value>24</value> <font_9acd32>Agility</font_9acd32>, or +<value>24</value> <font_87ceeb>Intelligence</font_87ceeb>, and provides the bonuses corresponding with that parameter. <h2>Intelligence</h2> Once fully charged, deals <value>125</value> to <value>2</value> random targets in <value>700</value> range every <value>4</value> seconds. <h2> Strength </h2>Once fully charged an attack has a <value>20</value>% chance to deal <value>80</value> bonus damage and root the target for <value>1.0</value> seconds. <value>4</value>s Cooldown. <h2> Agility </h2> Once fully charged, when attacked, the hero has a <value>20</value> to counter-attack a target within their attack range. <value>4</value>s Cooldown.