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Supercharges Clockwerks abilities: Battery Assault affects all enemies in its range; Clockwerk's attack speed in Power Cogs is increased; Rocket Flares have a reduced cooldown and fire additional rockets to either side of the target; Hookshot stun radius and duration is increased; Jetpack moves faster. Clockwerk's movement and attack speed becomes slowed to a crawl after the duration runs out.


  • buff duration:13

  • bonus attack speed:250

  • debuff duration:3

  • hookshot radius bonus pct:50

  • hookshot duration bonus pct:50

  • rocket flare interval:0.15

  • rocket flare offset pct:125

  • rocket flare rockets:2

  • rocket flare cooldown:3

  • jetpack bonus speed:40

  • jetpack turn rate:75

Cool Down


Mana Cost