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Spit Out

Mortimer spits out the unit that's in his mouth, causing impact damage and stun in a large area. The glob leaves a pool of firespit that slows and applies damage over time. Spit Out has a no minimum launch range.

  • AFFECTS:area



  • DEBUFF:yes

  • projectile speed:1400

  • projectile width:130

  • impact radius:400

  • projectile vision:500

  • burn interval:0.5

  • burn damage:100

  • move slow pct:25

  • burn ground duration:3

  • min lob travel time:0.1

  • max lob travel time:2

  • burn linger duration:1

  • stun duration:1.2

  • min height above lowest:150

  • min height above highest:100

  • min acceleration:1000

  • max acceleration:2000