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Fiend's Grip

CHANNELED - Grips an enemy unit, disabling it and causing heavy damage over time, while stealing mana every 0.5 seconds based on the unit's maximum mana.

  • AFFECTS:unit


  • DISPELLABLE:strong

  • DEBUFF:yes

  • fiend grip tick interval:0.5

  • fiend grip mana drain:5

  • AbilityChannelTime:4.75 / 5.25 / 5.75

  • fiend grip damage:70 / 110 / 150

Aghanim ScepterAghanim Shard

Aghanim`s Scepter Upgrade

Reduces Fiend's Grip cooldown by -45. Fiend's Grip now creates two uncontrollable illusions that are also channeling Fiend's Grip on the target. Illusions take 200 incoming damage and immediately die if they are interrupted. Damage does not stack.

  • AbilityCooldown:-45

  • illusion count:2

  • incoming illusion damage:200

Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch

+5% Fiend's Grip Max Mana Drain

Talent tree branch

+3s Fiend's Grip Duration

Cool Down

120 / 110 / 100

Mana Cost

200 / 300 / 400