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Drums of Slom

Attacks from Beastmaster or a nearby unit he controls will cause him bang his drum, dealing damage to nearby units and healing Beastmaster and units under his control for a portion of the damage dealt. Every attack decreases the interval between drum hits down to a minimum of 0.4s between hits after 20 attacks. If no attacks are made, the intervals gradually increase.Using Primal Roar counts as 10/15/20 attacks, based on the current level of Primal Roar.

  • PASSIVE:Breakable

  • radius:600

  • max stacks:20

  • stack decay time:1

  • min drum hit interval:0.4

  • max drum hit interval:3

  • base damage:90

  • heal pct:25

  • creep heal pct:5

  • aura radius:1200