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Primal Companion

Creates a Brewling based on Brewmaster's current Drunken Brawler Stance. If the Brewling moves 1600 range away from Brewmaster, it can no longer cast spells and is slowed by 50. Otherwise, all of the Brewling spells have a 100 cooldown penalty. A new Brewling cannot be resummoned for 3s if the current one takes damage from enemy Heroes or hero-controlled units. If the Brewling dies, the ability goes on cooldown for 70 seconds.Only one Brewling can exist at a time. If Brewmaster uses Primal Split, the existing Brewling disappears.


  • cooldown on death:70

  • cooldown on take damage:3

  • disable distance:1600

  • cooldown penalty pct:100

  • movement slow when out of range:50

Cool Down


Mana Cost