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Ember Spirit

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Fire Remnant

Sends a Fire Remnant that runs to the target location at 250 Ember Spirit's speed. Using Activate Fire Remnant, Ember Spirit will dash out to all active Fire Remnants, destroying them and dealing damage in an area and then moving to the nearest Remnant. Ember Spirit will end at the Remnant closest to the targeted location.


  • speed multiplier:250

  • AbilityChargeRestoreTime:38

  • damage:100 / 200 / 300

  • radius:450

  • duration:45

Aghanim ScepterAghanim Shard

Aghanim`s Scepter Upgrade

Increases cast range, initial remnant speed, and maximum charges.

    Aghanim ScepterAghanim Shard

    Aghanim`s Shard Upgrade

    Fire Remnants deal damage per second in an area around them. If an enemy hero dies near Ember Spirit, a Fire Remnant charge will be replenished.

      Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch

      -12s Remnant Charge Restore Time

      Cool Down