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Agility Attribute Icon Agility is one of the three primary attributes in Dota 2, along with Strength Attribute Icon strength and Intelligence Attribute Icon intelligence. It grants all heroes attack speed and armor per point of agility. Agility heroes and universal heroes also gain attack damage.

  • 1. Effect of agility on heroes

  • 2. Agility gain of heroes

  • 3. List of agility heroes

  • 4. Role of agility heroes

  • 5. Agility bonus from items

  • 6. Evolution of agility in Dota 2

Effect of agility on heroes

Each point of agility grants the following benefits:

  • Armor: Every point of agility also increases a hero's armor by 0.166 points. Armor reduces the amount of physical damage a hero takes, making them more resilient to physical attacks. This is particularly important for agility heroes, as they often rely on their physical attacks for damage.

  • Attack speed: Agility directly increases a hero's attack speed. For every point of agility, a hero's attack speed increases by 1. This means that heroes with higher agility will attack more frequently than heroes with lower agility. This is a crucial factor in determining the damage output of a hero, as it allows them to land more hits on their enemies in a given period of time.

  • Attack damage: For heroes with agility as their primary attribute, every point of agility also increases their main attack damage by 1. For universal heroes the increase is 0.7. This means that those heroes gain both attack speed and damage as their primary attribute increases. This makes agility heroes the most potent physical damage dealers in the game.

Agility gain of heroes

  • All

  • Agility

  • Intelligence

  • Strength

  • Universal

  • 4.0

    Terrorblade Minimap Icon
  • 3.9

    Morphling Minimap Icon
  • 3.7

    Monkey King Minimap Icon
  • 3.6

    Medusa Minimap Icon
    Hoodwink Minimap Icon
  • 3.5

    Shadow Fiend Minimap Icon
  • 3.4

    Phantom Assassin Minimap Icon
    Luna Minimap Icon
  • 3.3

    Naga Siren Minimap Icon
    Troll Warlord Minimap Icon
  • 3.2

    Sniper Minimap Icon
    Templar Assassin Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_furion Minimap Icon
    Ember Spirit Minimap Icon
  • 3.1

    Bloodseeker Minimap Icon
    Weaver Minimap Icon
    Gyrocopter Minimap Icon
  • 3.0

    Faceless Void Minimap Icon
    Arc Warden Minimap Icon
  • 2.9

    Drow Ranger Minimap Icon
  • 2.8

    Anti-Mage Minimap Icon
    Juggernaut Minimap Icon
    Phantom Lancer Minimap Icon
    Razor Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_leshrac Minimap Icon
    Ursa Minimap Icon
  • 2.7

    Viper Minimap Icon
    Clinkz Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_muerta Minimap Icon
  • 2.6

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_storm_spirit Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_life_stealer Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_broodmother Minimap Icon
    Bounty Hunter Minimap Icon
  • 2.5

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_bane Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_mirana Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_puck Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_queenofpain Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_rubick Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_pangolier Minimap Icon
  • 2.4

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_lina Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_slardar Minimap Icon
    Riki Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_silencer Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_earth_spirit Minimap Icon
  • 2.2

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_sven Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_night_stalker Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_ancient_apparition Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_shadow_demon Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_void_spirit Minimap Icon
  • 2.1

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_vengefulspirit Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_rattletrap Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_enchantress Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_chen Minimap Icon
    Spectre Minimap Icon
    Meepo Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_nyx_assassin Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_tusk Minimap Icon
  • 2.0

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_lich Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_venomancer Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_death_prophet Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_dragon_knight Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_omniknight Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_brewmaster Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_lone_druid Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_magnataur Minimap Icon
  • 1.9

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_grimstroke Minimap Icon
  • 1.8

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_sand_king Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_dark_seer Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_invoker Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_lycan Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_treant Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_bristleback Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_elder_titan Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_marci Minimap Icon
  • 1.7

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_axe Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_skeleton_king Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_spirit_breaker Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_legion_commander Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_oracle Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_mars Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_dawnbreaker Minimap Icon
  • 1.6

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_crystal_maiden Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_kunkka Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_shadow_shaman Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_beastmaster Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_obsidian_destroyer Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_keeper_of_the_light Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_wisp Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_abyssal_underlord Minimap Icon
  • 1.5

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_lion Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_tidehunter Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_huskar Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_doom_bringer Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_alchemist Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_ogre_magi Minimap Icon
    Slark Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_phoenix Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_winter_wyvern Minimap Icon
  • 1.4

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_earthshaker Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_pudge Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_windrunner Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_witch_doctor Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_tinker Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_dazzle Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_batrider Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_chaos_knight Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_disruptor Minimap Icon
  • 1.3

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_necrolyte Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_pugna Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_shredder Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_abaddon Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_techies Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_dark_willow Minimap Icon
  • 1.2

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_zuus Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_jakiro Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_undying Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_snapfire Minimap Icon
  • 1.0

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_enigma Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_warlock Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_visage Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_centaur Minimap Icon
    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_primal_beast Minimap Icon
  • 0.8

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_skywrath_mage Minimap Icon
  • 0.0

    dota.heroes.npc_dota_hero_tiny Minimap Icon

Each hero has a base agility value and gains more through levelling up. The hero with the highest base agility is Juggernaut with 34 and the hero with the highest agility gain per level is Terrorblade with 4. The average base agility across all heroes is 18.4 and the average agility gain is 2.1

List of agility heroes

Agility heroes are typically physical damage dealers who focus on attack speed and armor.

There are 31 31 agility heroes in Dota 2.

Role of agility heroes

Agility heroes typically play carry or ganker roles. Carries are focused on farming gold and experience early in the game to build powerful items and become a major damage threat later on. Gankers are focused on roaming the map and ganking enemy heroes, disrupting their farm and creating opportunities for their team to take objectives.

Agility bonus from items

47 items grant agility attribute bonuses to the wearing hero in Dota 2:

Evolution of agility in Dota 2

The agility attribute has been the cornerstone of physical combat, granting heroes increased armor, attack speed, and movement speed. Over time, the attribute's influence has evolved, with the relative importance of each stat shifting as the game's meta and strategies have changed. While agility still remains a critical factor in physical prowess, its impact on movement speed has been removed.

YouTube video on agility