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Open Wounds

Lifestealer rends an enemy unit, slowing the victim's movement speed and allowing all allies to regain health for a percentage of the damage they deal to that unit. All damage dealt will steal life, including damage from spells. The victim recovers movement speed over the duration. Deals 2% of the target's max health per attack on the target from real heroes. After receiving 500 damage, the Open Wounds fester and spread to a non-infected random enemy within 700 radius.

  • AFFECTS:unit



  • DEBUFF:yes

  • duration:7

  • slow steps:-50 / -50 / -40 / -30 / -20 / -10 / -10 / -10

  • heal percent:50

  • max health as damage pct:2

  • damage threshold:500

  • spread radius:700

  • slow tooltip:50

Cool Down


Mana Cost