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Lunar Blessing

Increases the attack damage for Luna and nearby allied heroes, with Luna receiving 200 of the attack damage bonus allies receive. At night Lunar Blessing is global, and Luna is blessed with increased vision range.

  • PASSIVE:Breakable

  • radius:1200

  • bonus damage:3 / 9 / 15 / 21

  • self increase pct:200

  • bonus night vision:250 / 500 / 750 / 1000

Aghanim ScepterAghanim Shard

Aghanim`s Shard Upgrade

Lunar Blessing can be cast to smoke allied heroes within 800 range. Break Range and Bonus Movement Speed are stronger at night time. Additionally increases Eclipse Night time by 10s

    Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch

    +20 Lunar Blessing Damage