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Phantom Lancer

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Phantom Lancer briefly vanishes from the battlefield. After 1 second, Phantom Lancer and any of his nearby illusions reappear at a random position within the targeted location, along with two additional doppelgangers. Extends duration of all illusions. The two added doppelgangers have different properties: one takes normal damage and deals none, while the other takes 500 bonus damage and deals -80 less damage. DISPEL TYPE: Basic Dispel

  • AFFECTS:area


  • illusion 1 damage out pct:-100

  • illusion 2 damage out pct:-80

  • illusion 2 damage in pct:500

  • target aoe:325

  • search radius:900

  • delay:1

  • illusion duration:8

  • illusion extended duration:2

  • illusion 2 amount:1

Cool Down

22 / 18 / 14 / 10

Mana Cost