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Naga Siren

Popularity: #120

Leaderboard: #76

Ban Rank: #64

KDA Rank: #36

Able to capitivate and disable enemies with her song

Sending squads of mirrored clones against her foes, Naga Siren ensnares and slays enemies as she leads her forces to victory. With the sound of her voice, she disables nearby foes to spring an ambush or crafting a hasty escape.

naga siren Image

462 +52.8/lvl

252 +24/lvl

Strength Image

21 +2.4/lvl

Agility Image

21 +3.3/lvl

Intelligence Image

21 +2/lvl



23 - 25 + 3.3/level (118.7 - 120.7 at level 30)






1 + 0.5/level (15.5 at level 30)














Mirror Image applies basic dispel on cast.

Mirror Images can be used to deny runes or to deceive the opponents about your hero's presence.

Make sure pull camps are unblocked as the lane will be pushing frequently due to Rip Tide. Ask your support to start with a sentry.

Setup hotkeys to easily split up your illusions.

Use Mirror Images non stop to have an upper hand when it comes to lasthitting.

Consider putting a point in Ensnare around level 4 but only if you can get a kill out of it.

Naga is not a particularly good laning hero. Get as many levels as you can and move to the jungle.

Keep sidelines pushed out by illusions and farm opponents' camps more and more as you get stronger.

Be quick at judging the situation and pop Song of Siren when it starts going downhill.

You can use Song of the Siren to secure Roshan kill.

Aghanim's Scepter is a great pick up to control spell-immune heroes.

Counter Strategy

Kill Mirror Images to cripple Naga's last hitting capabilities on the lane.

Hex, Drains and Dagon destroy Mirror Images instantly.

Naga Siren farms quickly with Mirror Images. Smoke on her, place deep wards and block camps with sentries.

Items that provide AoE damage, especially magical damage, are great at dealing with Mirror Images.

Crimson Guard and armor items are great against Naga's physical damage.

Naga is great at split-pushing and ratting. Consider getting Boots of Travel on a Core.

Naga can pop Song of the Siren and finish Roshan. Be mindful about it when taking or contesting Roshan.


Win Rate 48.4%
Pick Rate 1.3%


armor_broken icon

Rip Tide

Win Rate: 49.7%

Pick Rate: 90.3%

Naga Siren and her illusions deal bonus damage to enemies and reduce their armor for 4 seconds every 6 attacks.

Using Rip Tide doesn't interrupt channeling.







nuke icon


Win Rate: 36.1%

Pick Rate: 9.7%

Naga Siren and all of her images hit nearby units with a damaging wave of water that reduces enemy status resistance.

Casting Deluge doesn't interrupt channeling.







Cool Down


Mana Cost




Mirror Image

Creates multiple images of Naga Siren under her control. DISPEL TYPE: Basic Dispel


  • illusion duration:26

  • outgoing damage:-75 / -70 / -65 / -60

  • outgoing damage tooltip:25 / 30 / 35 / 40

  • incoming damage:250

  • tooltip incoming damage total pct:350

  • images count:3

  • invuln duration:0.5

Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch

+10% Mirror Image Damage

Talent tree branch

-50% Mirror Image Illusion Damage Taken

Talent tree branch

+1 Mirror Image Illusion

Cool Down

40 / 35 / 30 / 25

Mana Cost

75 / 90 / 105 / 120



Interrupts the target and traps them in place, preventing movement or blinking. Can target invulnerable and sleeping units.

  • AFFECTS:unit



  • DEBUFF:yes

  • duration:2.75 / 3.5 / 4.25 / 5

  • net speed:1500

  • fake ensnare distance:900 / 900 / 900 / 900

  • AbilityCastRange:500 / 525 / 550 / 575

  • can target invulnerable:1

Aghanim ScepterAghanim Shard

Aghanim`s Scepter Upgrade

Increases cast range and projectile speed. Allows Ensnare to target and affect Debuff Immune units.

  • net speed:+60%

  • AbilityCastRange:+50%

  • can target magic immune:1

Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch

-2s Ensnare Cooldown

Talent tree branch

Ensnare applies Break

Cool Down

21 / 18 / 15 / 12

Mana Cost

70 / 80 / 90 / 100




Song of the Siren

All enemies in range of the Naga Siren are put into a magical stasis where they cannot act or be attacked. Allies in range recover a percentage of their health per second. Using Song of the Siren again will end the duration early.


  • radius:1000 / 1200 / 1400

  • duration:7

  • animation rate:0.55 / 0.55 / 0.55

  • heal pct:2 / 4 / 6

Aghanim ScepterAghanim Shard

Aghanim`s Shard Upgrade

Increases Song of the Siren's regen and adds mana regeneration for allies.

  • heal pct:4

  • mana pct:4

Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch

-20s Song of the Siren Cooldown

Cool Down

180 / 140 / 100

Mana Cost

150 / 250 / 350


Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branchTalent tree branch

-2s Ensnare Cooldown

+30% Rip Tide Damage

Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branchTalent tree branch

+10% Mirror Image Damage

-50% Mirror Image Illusion Damage Taken

Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branchTalent tree branch

-20s Song of the Siren Cooldown

+1 Mirror Image Illusion

Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branchTalent tree branch

-10s Mirror Image Cooldown

Ensnare applies Break


Among the high-sworn of the Slithereen Guard there is a solemn vow oft repeated before battle: No Slithereen may fail. In truth, these words are equal parts oath and enforceable covenant, for those who fall short of their duty are banished from the order. To fail is to be other than Slithereen. Once most highly esteemed of her race, Slithice for many years commanded a battalion of her fellows, using her formidable voice as her greatest weapon. Powerful, sinuous, serpentine, she led her deadly Guard in defense of the Deep Ones, and the great wealth of the sunken cities. But in the final battle of Crey, her forces were driven back by a marauding army of levianths intent on finding tribute for their god Maelrawn. After the long and bloody onslaught, as the bodies were cleared from the sunken halls, a single jeweled chalice was found missing from the trove. Of her hundred Guard, only a handful survived, but their bravery and sacrifice were of little consequence. What mattered was that treasure was taken. Honor destroyed. And so Naga Siren was cast out. Banished to search for the stolen chalice. Though she might add a hundred times her weight to the golden trove, she is doomed to live apart until that day she returns that which was taken. For no amount of gold is equal in honor to the honor she lost.