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Magic Stick

The marvelous Magic Stick. Imagine discovering a magical tool, a splendid stick that doesn't just shimmer but gathers mystical energies to support your hero in moments of need!
Basic Item | Miscellaneous

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Gold is the currency used to buy items or instantly revive your hero in Dota 2.200

A simple wand used to channel magic energies, it is favored by apprentice wizards and great warlocks alike.

The marvelous Magic Stick. Imagine discovering a magical tool, a splendid stick that doesn't just shimmer but gathers mystical energies to support your hero in moments of need!

Base Combat Stats

Combat Stats

13 Cooldown


Magic Wand
The marvelous Magic Stick. Imagine discovering a magical tool, a splendid stick that doesn't just shimmer but gathers mystical energies to support your hero in moments of need!


Active: Energy Charge

Instantly restores 15 health and mana per charge stored.
Max 10 charges. Gains a charge whenever a visible enemy within 1200 range uses an ability.

Additional Insights

  • Gains charges for spells cast by visible enemies in 1200 range.
  • Certain abilities and item abilities will not add charges.
  • The Magic Stick isn't solely for charge storage, it stands as a symbol of resilience, providing a vital support when your hero faces low health or mana, potentially converting a moment of adversity into a chance for a comeback.


The statistics below shows the percentage of hero builds which contain Magic Stick as a core or non-core item for each role. These statistics are based on our hero guides.

Itemization Strategy

The item that is received and used like a compulsary item to have early in the game for it's health and mana healing. An item for all that is love by all!

Heroes countered by Magic Stick

Abaddon protects himself and allies by casting Aphotic Shield and Mist Coil frequently
Arc Warden will cast Spark Wraith frequently to secure creep lasthits or to harass.
Bane will cast Brain Sap frequently to win the trades
Brewmaster`s spells are fairly cheap and on low cooldown
Crystal Maiden`s Arcane Aura allows her and her allies to have faster mana regeneration which will result in more spells being used against you
Dark Seer will use one or two Ion Shells per wave
Dark Willow maintaines her laning presence by placing well Bramble Maze and doing burst of magic damage with Shadow Realm
Dazzle tends to use Shadow Wave and Poison Touch every creep wave to kill creeps and apply pressure on the opponents
Death Prophet frequently casts spells in lane, this would give you many charges on the magic stick.
Disruptor`s Thuder Strike is high damaging spell that is likely to be used at least once per creep wave
To get charges from Sleight of Fist and Flame Guard usage in lane.
Grimstroke`s Stroke of Faith is a strong low cooldown spell with which you are likely to be hit by once or twice per creep wave
Gyrocopter tends to use Rocket Barrage and Flak Cannon frequently
Hoodwink often times casts and combines her two offensive spells
Against Quas Wex build Invoker to have burst of mana available after the EMP was used
Keeper of the Light`s Chakra Magic allows him or his ally to cast spells frequently
Leshrac will use low cooldown spells Split Earth and Lightning Storm to harass or kill creeps
Lich will use Frost Blast and Frost Shield to harass or make kill attempts frequently
Get charges easily from Luna spamming her Lucent Beam to secure creeps and when trading.
Magnus often uses a lot of spells to contest the lane.
Ogre Magi will frequently use his spells to harass or buff himself or his allies
Omniknight tends to use his spells to contest the lane frequently.
Since Outworld Destroyers spams Astral Imprisonment in lane, there will be plenty of magic stick charges to get.
Phantom Lancer uses his Spirit Lance and Doppelganger to contest the lane.
Primal Beast tends to use a lot of spells early on to contest the lane.
Puck tends to use Illusory Orb and Waning Rift frequently to kill creeps or harass you
Pugna tends to use Nether Blast and Decrepify frequently to harass or kill the creeps
Queen of Pain will use Shadow Strike and Scream of Pain frequently to harras or kill the creeps
Rubick is going to use Fade Bolt every wave to harass and reduce your damage
Shadow Fiend will use Shadowraze frequently to harass or kill creeps.
Snapfire tends to use Scatter Blast and Firesnap Cookie frequently to harass you and your allies
Storm Spirit spams Static Remnant to get last htis in lane. These are easy magic stick charges for you.
Tidehunter tends to use Anchor Smash frequently to harass and kill the creeps
Timbersaw tends to use Whirling Death and Timber Chain frequently to harass
Troll Warlord tends to use Whirling Axes frequently to harass and kill creeps.
Underlod tends to use Firestorm every creep wave
Vengeful Spirit`s Wave of Terror is a cheap and short cooldown spell that will be frequently along with Magic Missile
Venomancer tends to plant many Plague Wards and each time it will give you a stick charge
Void Spirit will use his spells frequently to harass you or to kill the creeps.
Warlock will use Shadow Word frequently to heal himself or his ally
Weaver will use Shukuchi frequently to harass you or escape


A fascinating trivia about the Magic Wand in Dota 2 is its evolution from its predecessor, the Magic Stick, and its significance in providing an efficient and versatile solution for early-game sustain. Originally, the Magic Stick was introduced as a basic item that passively stored charges whenever nearby enemy heroes cast spells. Over time and through various updates, it evolved into the Magic Wand, which not only retained the charge-storing mechanic but also had an active ability to restore health and mana based on the accumulated charges.