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Popularity: #25

Leaderboard: #73

Ban Rank: #69

KDA Rank: #44

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Win Rate 48.2%
Pick Rate 12.3%

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Ability Build

Fade Bolt
Fade Bolt
Arcane Supremacy
Fade Bolt
Spell Steal
Fade Bolt
Arcane Supremacy
Arcane Supremacy
Arcane Supremacy
Spell Steal
Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch
+150 Telekinesis Landing Damage
Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch
-25% Stolen Spells Cooldown
Attribute Bonus
Spell Steal
Attribute Bonus
Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch
-5s Fade Bolt Cooldown
Attribute Bonus
Attribute Bonus
Attribute Bonus
Attribute Bonus
Talet tree backgroundTalent tree branchesTalent tree branch
+40% Spell Amp For Stolen Spells

Disables, Buffs and Passives

AbilitiesDisablesDispellable BuffsBreakable Passives
Interrupts ChannelingSilencesRoots
Fade Bolt
Arcane Supremacy
Spell Steal

Item Build

Blood Grenade
Faerie Fire
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Observer Ward
Sentry Ward
Early Game
Boots of Speed
Magic Wand
Ring of Basilius
Wind Lace
Infused Raindrops
Mid Game
Arcane Boots
Aether Lens
Blink Dagger
Force Staff
Aghanim's Shard
Late Game
Aghanim's Scepter
Ethereal Blade
Scythe of Vyse
Octarine Core
Spirit Vessel
Veil of Discord
Lotus Orb
Ghost Scepter
Glimmer Cape
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Solar Crest
Aeon Disk
Boots of Bearing
Boots of Travel
Trusty Shovel
Arcane Ring
Philosopher's Stone
Eye of the Vizier
Ceremonial Robe
Psychic Headband
Timeless Relic
Seer Stone
Force Boots

Hero Strategy

Secure ranged creeps with Fade Bolt and hit opponents at the same time.

When fighting next to pillars or a cliff, consider using Telekinesis to leave an enemy hero stranded on top of it.

In the mid game, get hold of the wave clearing spell when the game slows down to be able to farm and kill creep waves.

When not much is happening, push out side lanes without even showing yourself.

Be patient in the fights and make sure to steal a high impact spell.

Spam your Fade Bolt by using it on the first target you see, rather than keeping it for a KS.

Use your level 4 Fade Bolt on the ranged creep first to one shot it while killing creep waves.

Look to inform your teammates when you cast abilities like Supernova or Macropyre so they dont get confused or run away from the AoE.

Counter Strategy

Avoid picking heroes with huge ultimates against Rubick such as Enigma, Magnus and Tidehunter

Avoid trading hits with Rubick while under effect of Fade Bolt as your attack damage is reduced

Rubick's Telekinesis can be broken by using Force Staff on affected ally

Be mindful about spell usage so that you don't give away good spells to Rubick. Rubick is generally looking for stunning and high damage abilities

Lotus Orb is an effective item against Rubick as his damage and control spells are targetable.

Look to target Rubick in fights as he is a very squishy hero. If you manage to kill him you don't have to worry about spellcasting anymore

Counter Items for Core Players

Laning Phase
Magic Stick
Ring of Regen
Infused Raindrops
Mid Game
Lotus Orb
Black King Bar
Late Game
Linken's Sphere

Counter Items for Support Players

Laning Phase
Magic Stick
Ring of Regen
Infused Raindrops
Mid Game
Lotus Orb
Glimmer Cape
Force Staff
Late Game
Linken's Sphere
Black King Bar

Wise Stump Pro Tips

Try to sneak on Anti-Mage to steal his blink while he is farming. Aghanim's Scepter is good for keeping stolen Blink and having one more slot for a second spell.

Each reflected spell will interact with Rubick's Spell Steal and Arcane Supremacy.

Spell Steal extends the taunt duration on enemies but not our armor buff duration.

Rubick's Kill Threshold is much higher with Arcane Supremacy.

Using Brain Sap on illusion will amplify the healing amount.

Spell Steal does not increase the duration of Fiend's Grip.

Nightmare End will stop every Nightmare no matter who casted it. Steal Nightmare, cast it on yourself and release it immediately to dispel every Nightmare on the map.

Don't feel bad if you stole Bloodrage. This spell is still useful by giving Rubick bonus spell damage. Use it before casting Fade Bolt or stealing another damaging spell.

Rubick will gain overheal mechanic simply by owning the spell. As long as Blood Mist is in Rubick's hands, he can stockpile excess healing into a shield. Only his healing (also with stolen spells) and magic lifesteal can contribute to the shield. Healing from allies doesn't count.

Cast stolen Rupture on Bloodseeker himself, so he won't use his bonus movement speed for a while.

Spell Steal will increase total damage together with duration.

Crystal Clone doesn't work without Frostbite in second slot.

Combine Freezing Field with mobility spells like Surge or Blink.

Multishot range can be amplified only by attack range. Multishot will apply Frost Arrow effect which can be upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter.

Being able to go through the front of the slide actually gives us unobstructed movement that can be used to get through uneven terrain or trees.

Aghanim's Shard gives unobstructed movement while Rubick is on his Fissure. If he movse away from it, the effect remains for 1 more second.

The damage frequency depends on attack speed. That means if Rubick gets a attack speed buff Bladefury will shred faster. Rubick can combine Blade Fury with spells like Overpower, Lil Shredder or Unleash.

Don't forget to combine stolen Arrow with Telekinesis.

Rubick can put Telekinesis Land mark beneath him while casting stolen Requiem, so enemy will land right in the middle of spell's AoE for full damage.

Most of the time try to shift into full strength for bonus hp. After that you can buy an item with bonus armor.

Spam this ability to move in the midst of fights. Especially good for buying more time against Phantom Lancer.

Waning Rift could be very important for catching Puck itself. First wait for Puck to use it on someone else.

Phase Shift is recommended when we have Aghanim's Scepter, so we can use reliable kiting mechanism and keeping other required spell in second slot.

Stolen Flesh Heap will prevent Damage over Time from Pudge's Rot and Dismember.

Prepare Aghanim's Shard for Dismember so you can save your allies with bonus cast range from Arcane Supremacy.

Try to cast Static Link back to Razor, so his damage won't change. Link Breaking range will be upgraded by Rubick's Arcane Supremacy so he can attack linked enemy from afar.

Stolen Burrow Strike will apply Caustic Finale.

Stolen Epicenter doesn't have cast animation.

Do not use alternate cast if you don't want to ruin your position.

Nether Swap can be used on target under Cyclone or Tornado effect.

Nimbus damage is not affected by our Arcane Supremacy.

Rubick can dispel Kunkka's Mark by using stolen one on himself and then releasing it immediately. After that Kunkka's Return won't do a thing.

Make sure to buy Aghanim's Shard for this ability. With Corrosive Haze applications it will be easier to kill Slardar or his teammates.

Tidehunter will make sure to Ravage Rubick from fog of war or after blinking right on top of him, so he can't steal the spell. Hide and wait for him to Ravage someone else. Or buy BKB to tank Ravage and steal right away.

Use settings 'Channeled abilities require Hold/Stop' and 'Unified orders with CTRL' to control Death Ward's attacks easier without having to select it individually.

If Witch Doctor is spamming Voodoo Restoration after every cast, forget about stealing from him for a while. Right until he thinks you've given up on him.

Use Fade Bolt as soon as you apply stolen Maledict for damage acceleration.

Stealing his Smoke Screen is very important, because Riki can't use his escape abilities in it. You can also add Rod of Atos.

If you have Blink Strike then buy Force Staff to escape from Smoke Screen and blink away to an ally or creep.

Use Malefice on Enigma from afar so he can't cast Black Hole until dispelled.

Always blast Enigma with Fade Bolt in case he has Linken's Sphere, so you can steal Black Hole.

Defense Matrix can be dispelled, so it's better to buy Eul's Scepter of Divinity to catch Tinker.

Listen carefully for alarm clock sound. If you hear it, that means he used Take Aim so you can't steal Shrapnel or Assassinate.

Stolen grenade is good for pulling Sniper to you team mates while disarming him. Blink and throw grenade behind Sniper.

Most of the time you will steal it by trying to steal his ultimate. Don't fret on it too much. At least you can slow Warlock's golems from a safe distance.

Use Fade Bolt after using stolen Wild Axes a pair of times for more damage. Buy Aghanim's Scepter to steal another nuke to use it with Wild Axes.

Try to sneak on Queen of Pain to steal her blink. Aghanim's Scepter is good for keeping stolen Blink and having one more slot for a second spell.

Stolen Plague Ward will give Rubick hidden Poison Sting. Very important spell for farming and standing the team's ground.

Extremely cool ability to combine with other spells. Buy Aghanim's Scepter and Aghanim's Shard to blink in, cast another stolen spell and blink out Time Walk Reverse.

If you have stolen Time Dilation, then cast it on most evasive opponent. Most of the time: on Faceless Void himself, so he can't use his Time Walk so frequently.

If you stole his Chronosphere, but fight is already lost and now enemies are after you, use Chronosphere as an escape with boosted movement speed. If you can leave without it, then save it for the next fight. But don't use it on Faceless Void, as he can freely walk in any Chronosphere.

Buy Aether Lens and spam this ability on Wraith King from save distance so this clumsy hero can't fight properly.

Place wards near neutral camps, so your skeletons can farm them for you.

You can use Fan of Knives right after Phantom Assassin blinks to you or your ally. It's good against her Blur and Coup de Grace.

Stolen Refraction can be used to block Templar Assassin's massive Meld attacks.

Fully charged Psionic Trap can be used to deal with TA's Refraction charges.

You can freely steal Eclipse and blast enemies with Aghanim's Scepter, until Luna buys Aghanim's Shard to cast Moon Glaives right after her ultimate.

Fireball goes with Elder Dragon Form, but it can still be stolen separately. This way Aghanim's Shard is not required.

Bad Juju is awesome for reducing cooldowns of other stolen spells with Aghanim's Scepter.

Buy Aghanim's Shard and spam Split Earth to take over battlefield.

Nature's Prophet doesn't like to buy Quelling Blade and most of the time his Force of Nature is on cooldown, so he can't escape from stolen Sprouts.

Curse of the Forest might be used to catch Nature's Prophet hiding in fog of war.

Prepare Aghanim's Scepter to have stolen Rage and being able to steal other spell.

Cast Open Wounds after Lifestealer's Rage so he won't dispel it immediately. Also use your Fade Bolt on Open Wounds target to spread the effect to other enemies.

Aghs Infest is good to counter Lifestealer. Use it on him so he can't hit your team even while Raged.

If Tar Bomb is used on enemy with Lotus Orb active then it will interrupt his channeling spells. Tar Bomb can be used to nuke buildings from afar.

Use stolen Inner Fire after Huskar jumps on someone, because he can dispel, disarm and debuff with his ultimate.

A miniature night area from Aghanims's Scepter is created before nuke is delivered. If Rubick applies Aghs Void during the day and is in the target area, then the enemy will get enhanced effect of the Void.

Darkness can refresh other stolen spell that are not ultimates.

Rubick can use Spin Web to escape or kite enemy Broodmother by trying to run between trees.

Even if Rubick is tracked, stolen Wind Walk is still useful because of its stun.

You need to see Bounty Hunter casting his Track to utilize it in future. Prepare Sentry Wards.

If fight starts and Weaver comes out of invisibility, he might begin with The Swarm. Step back a bit so he is forced to use Shukuchi again and then steal it.

Without cast animation Ice Path becomes a second ultimate in our hands. This spell hsa high stealing priority.

Try to buy Aghanim's Scepter and combine stolen Sticky Napalm with Damage over Time Spells.

Use it on Chen's creep and change ability. Charmed creep will simply die even if Chen took the same creep again.

Spectral Dagger buff overrides debuff from this very ability. Rubick can 'dispel' slow from her Spectral Dagger by casting it himself and running away.

Always combine Cold Feet with Telekinesis. Its easier to do so with Aether Lens.

With low cooldown and magic resistance reduction Rubick can always do high magical damage. Rubick spams it to give vision, annoy the enemy and cancel their Blink Daggers.

Stolen Ice Blast with Aghanim's Shard won't apply Cold Feet.

Stolen Earthshock with Aghanim's Shard for some buggy reason can trigger Ursa's Shard upgrade. Be wary of it and don't use this spell.

Rubick can deceive Ursa and tank all his Overpower charges with stolen Enrage. This trick might buy his team some time.

If two heroes use Charge of Darkness on each other, only the one who used it first will be stunned.

The disarm cannot be dispelled by anything except status immunity. Strong dispels won't work either. Knockback on the other hand is only removable by mobility spells/items or position refreshes like Manta.

Astral Imprisonment will also steal part of mana which OD gained with this ability. Rubick spams this spell on OD to reduce damage from his Sanity's Eclipse

Rubick can't hide from Sanity's Eclipse damage with stolen Astral Imprisonment. OD can't either.

Use Howl on Lycan's zoo army to scare them away. Howl radius is 2000. No need to hold this spell for too long.

If you managed to steal it - cast it right away, so Lycan can't chase you.

Spell Steal increases slow duration but does not affect burn duration after damage procs it.

Keep your eyes on green Brewling, because after Primal Splits end Brewmaster will use Thunder Clap or Cinder Brew to prevent you from stealing his ultimate.

Disseminate deals damage to indirect targets, even if the primary target cannot take damage.

Rubick can only have one of his two ultimate effects on a single hero. If an enemy applied Demonic Purge on Rubick, he can quickly reset it with a stolen Demonic Cleanse. And vice versa.

Entangling Claws don't work on another Spirit Bear.

Counter Phantasm can turn the tide of battle with mass dispel and change of unit numbers.

Earthbind will prevent Meepo from Poofing

Flesh Golem will multiply every strength point gained by any means. If the enemy team has Morphling, then Rubick can Shift his agility to strength and then use Flesh Golem.

Carapaces block the first damage, even if the source of the damage is invulnerable.

While Vendetta's attack is flying, Rubick MUST NOT use any spells or items. If he does, attack projectile will lose all Vendetta bonuses.

Mirror Image might be prepared to dispel Ensnare.

Reel In is not attached to Ensnare, even if Rubick has Aghanim's Scepter. It cannot be stolen separately.

Rubick should buy Aether Lens to be able to steal Song of the Siren while standing out of her AoE.

Look closely at icon image. Kotl has two different Illuminates. Try to steal the one he is casting with his ultimate active.

Use Chakra Magic to reduce cooldown of stolen ability in second slot.

Recall only gives mana with Chakra Magic in the second slot.

Cast Grave Chill on Visage's familiar coming to you, so you can run away from its landing AoE.

Stolen Soul Assumption is easier to charge with fade Bolt or any other spell in second slot.

Steal any Damage over Time spell to deal with Visage's Gravekeeper's Cloak or buy Spirit Vessel (Urn of Shadow is not enough).

Count his Dark Pact cooldown to calculate right moment to steal Pounce or Shadow Dance.

Slark can't Pounce while leashed, which makes stolen Pounce a good catching tool.

If Medusa is spamming her Split Shot to prevent Rubick from stealing her Mystic Snake, then spend a pair of minutes to farm jungle camps and forget about stealing from her for a while. Right until she thinks you've given up on her.

Prepare Aghanim's Scepter for his melee axes. They can dispel any net procs from Berserker's Rage.

You can use his Battle Trance as the last resort if too close to death. Just to buy some time for your team. Don't cast it too early.

Can't cancel his Hoof Stomp casts after his ultimate so you can't steal it. Be aware.

Hitch a Ride won't do anything. Waste of time and slot.

Work Horse doesn't give Rubick Stampede movement speed and erases itself from the spell-bar after cart is expired.

Buy Aghanim's Shard for more range and more damage from a simple nuke spell.

Always buff your core heroes with Empower after steal. It will speed up their farm.

Buy Blink Dagger to do the same thing that the original Magnus does with Skewer. Move enemies to your team.

This spell does less damage to Timbersaw himself, because he is a universal hero. But Rubick can blast his strength allies with it.

Rubick should use Timber Chain more often to move around Timbersaw, so he can't properly deal damage to Rubick.

Reactive Armor can easily be dispelled. Buy Eul's Scepter of Divinity.

Might be difficult to steal, but it's good for making Bristleback less tanky.

Tell your ally to buy Mage Slayer. The less damage he does with Quill Spray, the less healing he gains with Bloodstone or talent.

You can use other abilities while in snowball. Even some mobility spells like Anti-Mage's Blink. But not all of them (leaping spells don't work).

Casting Walrus Punch manually has more cast range than doing it with auto-cast.

Aphotic Shield dosn't damage enemies in forg of war.

If you see an enemy Abaddon about to buy Aghanim's Scepter, then he most likely will press his Borrowed Time MANUALLY, allowing Rubick to steal it and use it himself, thus leveling the playing field.

If you forget this spell or it gets replaced while the Astral Spirit is alive, it immediately disappears without transferring any bonuses to Rubick. So before stealing another ability, make sure the spirit reaches you.

You can use stolen Overwhelming Odds no matter what if you are affected by Duel.

Dueling gives a buff from Press the Attack after a win, only if Rubick has Press the Attack in the second slot.

Use Chains on him after Telekinesis, so he won't escape with Fire Remnant.

Don't forget to replenish you hp and mana with TP to base and return to your remnant placed beforehand.

Rubick's Arcane Supremacy will increase the target search radius of this ability which means he doesn't need to be too close to stone or target to throw it.

Roll on his stones just to destroy them.

Prepare Aghanim's Shard for this spell so you can save your ally.

Rubick can use all his abilities on Earth Spirit's stone remnants.

Use Magnetize at Earth Spirit so every summoned stone by him will refresh debuff duration and maybe even spread this effect on his allies.

Metamorphosis will end prematurely if spell is lost.

Be quick to steal and throw back the stolen Sunder right to Terrorblade.

Stolen Cold Embrace might save your ally under effect of Winter's Curse.

You will always steal a Tempest version of Arc Warden's spells, because you are playing on the other side.

Stolen Tempest double doesn't have other spell from second slot and can't Lift an enemy which is already Lifted. But technically you still have 2 Telekinesises and 2 Fade Bolts. Cool.

Spam it as a primary source of damage. Buy Aghanim's Shard for it to tear enemies apart.

Use Telekinesis after first Pit of Malice proc ends.

Fiend's Gate with Aghanim's Scepter only creates pits under portals if we have Pit of Malice in the second slot.

Arcane Supremacy or Aether Lens do not give stolen Boundless Strike more range. Range of this ability is unaffected by anything.

Tree Dance is cool monkey catching tool. But be wary: Don't throw Monkey King with Telekinesis too close to you. You might break a tree you are standing on.

Every arena soldier will use our attack range which makes Monkey Kings' ultimate stronger in our hands. You may try to buy at least Dragon Lance to add some power for stolen Wukong's Command. Maelstrom perhaps?

Use Swashbuckle to move around his Rolling Thunder. You can also try to buy some attack modifiers, if you want to use Swashbuckle as a secondary source of damage.

Be wary. Pangolier can cast Shield Crash right after his ultimate so you can't steal it.

Telekinesis might be used to lift an enemy sitting in one Bramble Maze bush and throw to another.

If you want to steal Shadow Realm, then you need to count all her cooldowns or just look at her closely. Most likely she will cast any other spell in her untargetable state.

Absence of cast animation on this spell makes it a neat spammable ability with its huge cast range.

Soulbind is cool for our double Telekinesis and Fade Bolt. Don't waste them too early if you confident about stealing Grimstroke's ultimate.

Be careful. Rubick has a blind spot of about 50 range when he casts Spear of Mars. If an enemy is too close to you, you can't throw him away with stolen Spear.

If Mars is spamming Bulwark after every cast, then forget about stealing from him for a while. Right until he thinks you've given up on him.

This spell prioritizes the target on TIP of remnant. So, you can actually choose which enemy you want to pull, if they are standing too close to each other.

Don't try to steal his ultimate after his first cast, because after that he most likely will be using his whole kit. Wait the second one.

Firesnap Cookie with Aghanim's Shard only applies lava puddle with Mortimer Kisses in the second slot.

Be wary. Your Telekinesis might destroy a tree you bushwacking an enemy with.

Scurry is good with Aghanim's Scepter so you can gain more cast range for another stolen spell. Without Aghs it can be used for long range Telekinesis.

Decoy can apply Bushwack, but does not charge Sharpshooter unless it is in the second slot.

Please, tell your team if it is your Solar Guardian or not. They might be scared of shining AoE and run from your healing.

Aether Lens makes this spell a great Skewer of Meat Hook substitude.

Buy Aether Lens and Aghanim's Shard to move around fight with this ability. Shard will allow to catch enemies and gain movement speed bonus regardless of who you are casting it on.

Cast it on your ally and change ability. Ally will still keep the buff.

If Rubick and Primal Beast cast Onslaught on each other, Rubick will outram the Beast. Cool, right? Primal Beast can buy Bloodstone to fix this problem (you can too).

After Aghanim's Scepter Uproar becomes a sweet spell to have.

Easy to steal but also easy to die with. Don't cast it on Primal Beast himself while his Trample is active. Shaking him will just trigger Trample damage on you.

It's easier to aim with Dead Shot if the enemy is not moving. Hold them with Telekinesis. The fear effect will forcibly land a Telekinesis victim.

Added spirit from a hero's death will trigger all The Calling fields on the map, REGARDLESS of who the field belongs to!

If Muerta spamming her Gunslinger to prevent Rubick from stealing her other spells, then spend a pair of minutes to farm jungle camps with it and forget about stealing from her for a while. Right until she thinks you've given up on her.

If Muerta used Parting Shot on you, cast Telekinesis with Aghanim's Shard on your body to move it to a safer space.

Aghanim's Shard Bonuses from Pierce the Veil kills works retroactively.